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Are you planning to waterproof and decorate your house? Then, it is better to approach MCON Rasayan Pvt. Ltd the prominent and trusted partners in construction chemicals based in Mumbai. They are the leading producers of a wide range of construction chemicals right from footings till finishing of the building.


Waterproofing is a system that arrests water from entering your house. It is very essential to safeguard your property by keeping it dry. By doing so, it would reduce humidity within the interiors and protect valuables placed inside your house from getting damaged. Once you have decided to waterproof, it would enhance the durability of the entire structure.

Advantages of waterproofing

A diverse range of options:-
Waterproofing systems can be done indoors and/or outdoors based upon the seriousness of the damage caused due to water. Even there are DIY (Do it yourself) options if you do not intend of hiring a professional and reliable contractor.

Value of the property:-
Waterproofing enhances durability and beautification of property value by arresting the development of moisture and molds on the walls. Mold poses a detrimental effect on your health. Moisture is responsible for the decaying of wood and metals gradually rust.

Reduce maintenance cost:-
Waterproofing structures help reduce regular maintenance costs and upkeep.

Things to be taken into consideration before waterproofing any structure
• Surface Preparation – Ensure that the surface is cleansed and dry. Make use of a scraper to eliminate old paint or floor coverings.
• Seal all the holes or undulation with non-shrink polymer modified cementitious ready-to-use mortar.
• In case of any cracks, treat it with non-shrink polymer-based crack filler.

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