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MCON Mortar EP

MCON Mortar EP

MCON EP MORTAR is a three part solvent free combination of epoxy resin and hardeners filled with specially graded chemically inert aggregates with high crushing strength. It is applied by trowel as a durable chemical resistant repair mortar 8 – 10 mm thick depending upon the requirement. The system includes MCON BOND EP a two part epoxy resin primer and MCON EP MORTAR which are both supplied in pre-weighed units ready for onsite mixing and application. The finished area has a slightly granular texture of uniform self colour.

Areas Of Application :-

  • Permanent repairs to concrete structure and cementitious substrates
    where strength, impermeability to water and resistance to aggressive
    chemicals is essential.
  • Ideally suited for maintaining engineering, chemical handling and
    processing plants.
  • Patch and Repair Mortars: Grouts for repairing cracks and de-lamination
    of concrete structures such as sidewalks, driveways, and walls.


Features & Benefits

  • Chemical Resistance : Unaffected by wide range of acids, alkalis and
    industrial chemicals
  • Easily applied :Designed for easy application to a fair finish.
  • Quality : Pre-weighed quality controlled materials ensure consistency
    and reduce risk of site errors.
  • Proven performance : Successful use proves for a wide variety of
    aggressive applications,
  • High bonding strength –Suitable for overhead surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose – Can be applied on horizontal, vertical and overhead
    surfaces without any form work
  • Low permeability – Offers extremely low permeability to water carbon
    dioxide and chlorides



Curing Characteristics 30˚C
Pot Life 40 min
Initial Hardness 24 hours
Full Cure 7 days
Mechanical Characteristics Full cure
Compressive Strength 40 N/mm2
Flexural Strength 12 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 4.2 N/mm2
Bond Strength To Concrete 3.0 N/mm2


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