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Plastering is a method that is used to increase the durability of the wall. The purpose of plastering is to decorate the structures of the walls. Plastering of external walls refers to the process of covering the uneven surface and rough walls with the help of a plastic material named as plaster. The plaster is prepared by mixing sand and lime or cement concrete along with water.

The requirement of plaster for plastering of external walls :

There are various requirements of a plaster that must be fulfilled while doing plastering of external walls. So you need to consider these requirements to get a perfect plastering on your wall. These requirements are given below:

  • The plaster should be economical.
  • The durability of the plaster should be high and it should be hard in nature.
  • The plaster must adhere during all the changes occurred in climate.
  • The plaster is prepared wisely in such a way that it can be applied during all the weather conditions
  • The workability possessed by plaster must be good

Method of plastering of external wall :

For plastering of external walls, you need to follow a series of steps that are mentioned below :

  • First of all, the alignment and fixing of level pegs on the wall should be done with the help of surveying instruments.
  • After completing the level pegs on walls, projections on the wall surface will be clipped off and cleaned.
  • After this, the first coat mortar filing is applied which is required up to 15mm on the surface.
  • To improve the bonding of plaster to the concrete surface, cement paste on concrete surfaces will be applied.
  • After plastering the wall surface, a width of a groove between beams and walls will be formed by cutting with the help of grinders which is filled with weather sealant.

After following this method, the plastering of the external wall will be finished but doing it yourself is very difficult. Therefore, you need to hire a plasterer and high-quality materials used in this task.

Benefits of plaster wall :

There are various benefits of the plastering of the external wall. Some of them are given below :

  • By doing the plastering on your external wall, you will get various opportunities to enhance the decoration with the help of various natures of finishes.
  • The plastering walls provide you better longevity.
  • The walls will get highly durable after accomplishing the task of plastering.
  • They can protect your walls from humidity, heat, rain and other conditions of climate..
  • The nature of plastering walls is pollution-free.

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