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MCON BOND EP is a two pack solvent-free epoxy resin containing fine fillers and slow curing high strength adhesive suitable for civil engineering. It is supplied as a two part material for ready on site mixing & use.

Uses :-

  • Bonding renders and screeds
  • Bonding of fresh concrete to existing concrete.
  • To prepare Epoxy Repair Mortar with help of Quartz sand.
  • To bond together precast concrete sections.
  • As a primer for any epoxy coating and screed.

Method of Application :-

Surface Preparation :-

Substrate must be sound, clean and free from laitance and all
contamination viz. oils, greases etc.

Mixing :-

MCON BOND EP comprises of two components, the resin BASE and the
HARDENER, which are supplied pre-weighed in the correct proportions.
When required for application, the HARDENER should be poured into the
can containing the BASE and drained well.
Both the components should be thoroughly mixed, preferably using a
mechanical stirrer, e.g. electric drill with stirrer attachment, until a
uniform colour is obtained.
Application :-

(A) For bonding together concrete sections; apply an even coating of MCON
Bond EP to both prepared surfaces using a brush or roller.Ensure that
both surfaces are saturated and bring the sections together under light
pressure. Remove any resin which extrude from the joint. Protect the job
from agitation until the resin is set.
(B) For bonding screeds; renders or fresh concrete to existing concrete
surfaces ; apply an even coating of MCON Bond EP to the prepared old
concrete surface using a brush, or roller. The fresh concrete or mortar
should then be placed on top of the resin layer after 15 Min and within
5 Hours at 30 ºC.
(C) For Epoxy Repair Mortar – Mix quartz sand in the ratio of 4:1 to the
prepared Epoxy mix. Use a slow paddle drill and mix continuously while
adding the quartz sand to the mix. The gradation of quartz sand should
be 8 x 16 (2 parts), 16 x 30 (1 part), 30 x 80 (1 part). The prepared mix has to
be used within 30 minutes on the above prepared surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Increases bond strength
  • Very good chemical resistance and very less shrinkage
  • Easy to apply as has a brushable consistency with longer pot life
  • Cures even on damp surface
  • Ensures perfect waterproof bond.
  • Long workable time of almost 6 hours
  • Moisture insensitive for long term durability.
  • Excellent adhesion and impact resistance.
  • Acts as a barrier coat to the migration of chloride ions from host concrete.



Colour Biscuit colour
Usable Life 2 to 3 hrs at 30 ºC
Cure Rate A tack free film obtained after 3 hours at 30 ºC
Cure Time 7 days
Concrete bond (Dry) Failure of Concrete


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