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MCON Crack Filler Paste

MCON Crack Filler Paste

Crack Filler Paste Is An Acrylic Polymer Based White Crack Filler Made Of Acrylic Emulsion Polymer, Properly Selected Graded Fillers, Light Fast Pigment & Additives. Typical Properties Colour : Milky white Form : Paste SP. Gravity : 1.50 ± .01 Consistency : Viscous paste type Water Resistance: Excellent

CRACK FILLER PASTE is an acrylic polymer based white crack filler made of acrylic emulsion polymer, properly selected graded fillers, light fast pigment & additives. It provides a strong bond with flexibility which accommodates the cracks in the plaster and provides a water resistant surface with aesthetic appearance.

Areas of Application
For Internal crack repairs
For external crack repairs upto 5 mm in width
For hair line cracks in painted surfaces that result in internal water leakage

Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
Improves flexural, tensile, and thin section fragility of cementitious systems
Allows breathing, thus preventing peeling and scaling
Consistency – Paste form, without sagging.
Ease of application – Easy to apply by putty knife similar to conventional putties.
Application advantage – Can be applied on damp surfaces but not on cracks with running water.
Paint ability – Over coat-able by any type of polymer based paints, after 24 hours.
Non toxic and can also be pigmented.

Typical Properties
Colour : Milky white
Form : Paste
Sp. Gravity : 1.50 ± .01
Consistency : Viscous paste type
Water Resistance: Excellent


Direction for use

Surface preparation is vital for effective adhesion and bonding of CRACK FILLER PASTE. To start with, free the surface from laitance, loose dust particles, oil, grease and other dirt.

Press CRACK FILLER Paste firmly into the crack with a spatula or putty knifes and level with the surface.

Care must be taken to avoid formation of cavities or bubbles during application. Allow it set for 24 hours and then apply another coat of CRACK FILLER Paste.

Further POP or painter’s putty application can be taken up once it is fully dry. For best results allow CRACK FILLER Paste to cure for 7 days.



1 kg CRACK FILLER PASTE covers 100 running feet of cracks of less than 5 mm.



1 kg, 5 kgs


Storage and Shelf Life

Store away from direct sunlight. 12 months from date of manufacture


Safety Precautions

CRACK FILLER PASTE is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous. However, any splashes on any part of the human body must be washed with plenty of water.


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